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Installation Guide

How to fit your new windows


Measuring and Tolerances


JELD-WEN would recommend the following guidelines are followed

when measuring opening prior to ordering your window frames:

  • Complete the method of any cavity closing before fitting windows
  • Take three measurements horizontally and vertically across the
  • opening of the brickwork. The smallest measurement of width and height should be used as your brickwork (structural) opening size.
  • Then measure diagonally, corner to corner to determine the squareness of the aperture.
  • The sill must overhang the external brickwork by at least 25mm
  • Ensure any internal and external reveal sizes are checked and ensure any opening windows will not be blocked in any way, eg. by render.
  • When ordering a JELD-WEN doorset or window which are shown in the catlogue as actual frame size, leave a tolerance to allow the frame to fit (deduction from the brickwork size). This will vary depending on new build or replacement and the method of fitting i.e. building in (where a 5mm tolerance may be suitable) to cavity closer, straps and screws.


The deduction is made from the total brickwork width and height not per side. In order to cover most eventualities JELD-WEN recommend a 12mm deduction.


For example:

Brickwork (structural) opening 1234mm wide x 1456mm high would have an actual frame size of 1222mm wide by 1444mm high.

When making an enquiry or placing an order please state if your dimensions are brick/structural or actual product size.


Handling and Installation


Delivery, storage & handling of your windows and doors


Follow this check list to avoid injuries and damage:

  • Check your order at the time of delivery to ensure it is correct and that each product, including protective packaging, isn't damaged.
  • Most of our windows and doors weigh in excess of 15kg so ensure you consider the method of handling to avoid injury or damage to the product. Assess any risks before lifting and get assistance if required. Visit the HSE website for more information
  • Store your JELD-WEN timber products in a dry place which is well ventilated and where all new plaster is dry, preferably inside a building. If outside, all timber products, including fully finished windows and doors, should be stored off the ground on level bearers under a tarpaulin.
  • Do not expose any unfinished wooden windows and doors to daylight or extreme temperature or humidity before finsihing. Our timber products are manufactured in moisture-controlled environments in line with British Standards. Any additional moisture during storage or installation may cause distortion or swelling.
  • Unglazed timber products should be stacked flat whilst glazed timber products should be stored standing upright.
  • Lift windows by the main frame, not the opening casements or glazing bars, and carry vertically to avoid any distortion.
  • Keep protective wrappings on windows and doors until finishing and intallation, where possible.
  • Lift products from each other when stacked, don't drag them, and put spare packaging between them if they have projecting sills or fitted hardware to avoid damage.


General Installation Guidelines

We recommend fitting all joinery products as soon as possible after delivery date. For detailed installation information, refer to Standard BS8213 Pt4, provided by the BSI, which gives guidance on good practices necessary for the successful surveying and installation of windows and doors into new build and replacement situations.


All framed products should be fitted square, true and plumb and should in accordance with the installation instructions supplied, as correct fitting is vital to ensuring proper thermal and product performance.


All external products are supplied actual frame size and should be fitted into preformed openings with a tolerance around each side. Tolerance guidance for each product is shown on the relevant product pages of the downloadable JELD-WEN brochure.


Fitting Windows

We recommend using a cavity closer system to help you get the best fit for your JELD-WEN wooden windows.


Glazing must be carried out using a proprietary material or glazing system complying with the requirements of BS 8000 Part 7:1990 and must be CE Marker. Glazing rebates and the concealed surfaces of all beads must receive a coat of sealer or two coats of the finishing paint or stain before glazing.


All JELD-WEN factory glazed windows come CE marked. Linseed oil putty is not permitted and will invalidate your window's guarantee.


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